My Midlife Project

Remodeling a Middle-Aged Mom

Clearing Out the Fluff

Fluffy Brenda Flexes

Today was Day One of a new workout program… but before I could begin my workout, I spent 15 minutes clearing a space in what is supposedly a dedicated “workout room”.

Next on my agenda was to do a little writing…. but my laptop battery was dead. I pulled out an extra laptop that belongs to an organization I work for, and… I couldn’t find my mouse.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 2013…

I got sidetracked. Again. I traveled to Lubbock, Texas for Thanksgiving, and that was the beginning of the end. The end of discipline. The end of structure. The end of my running plan. The end of healthy eating. The end of studying for my nutrition coaching certification. The end of 2012. Taking a Break In […]