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Friday Five: 5 Goals for February

Every year, I wake up the morning of February 1 and feel like I’ve allowed January to slip by. Again.

February 2013 Calendar Gray

After 55 years of life, I should accept that I’m definitely NOT a winter person. I start off the year in January with the best of intentions, but the gray, cold days get the best of me.

I’m still learning. I’m learning to settle for small victories. Three workouts a week. Staying on-track with nutrition. Keeping up with the laundry and dirty dishes. Reading my Bible every day.

My goals for 2013 are not out of reach. I may change the “due date” on a couple of them. I may lower the original measurement on a couple of others. But for now, I will leave the goals “as is” for this year… and I reserve the right to change my mind! 😉

As the days get longer (well, at least they SEEM longer with more hours of daylight), my productivity will increase. I know this is true.

I may even start running again soon. THAT, however, depends on the sunshine and outdoor temperatures. I’ve never enjoyed running in the winter, and my almost-56-year-old bones like it even LESS now. I rationalize by saying that the two-or three-month hiatus every winter has allowed me to keep running for almost 33 years. That’s my story — and I’m sticking to it.

My 5 Goals for February

  1. I will complete 12 bodyweight/HIIT workouts this month.
  2. I will complete 4 weight-training (with dumbbells or barbell) sessions this month.
  3. I will complete 4 books (either audio or print or Kindle) this month.
  4. I will sit for my Nutrition Coach Certification exam this month.
  5. I will spend 15 minutes each day on my decluttering project.

There you go. I’m also working on a grant proposal due by month’s end, and I’d like to lose a couple of extra “hibernation pounds”. However, the grant proposal isn’t entirely within my control, and I know from experience that my body likes to hang on to a few extra pounds of fat during the winter. I wanted ACHIEVABLE goals that are 100% within MY CONTROL for my list this month. Keep that in mind when/if you’re working on your own list.

What are YOUR goals for February? Was January a productive month for you? Tell me what your favorite season is and why…

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