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Setting Big Goals for October

“Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Statue of Lucette, Paul Bunyan's Girlfriend

That’s me… in the corner.

Today is the last day of September. There are 92 days left of this year (2014).

I set some goals at the beginning of the year. Small goals… and I didn’t carry out any of them.

With time a-wasting, I’ve been thinking about goals this week. What keeps me from reaching them?

Maybe I should reach higher for the things I want… like writing. And maybe, just maybe, I should stop living for (and working on) other people’s dreams.

I’ve put together a list of goals for the next six months. Some of them are big. REALLY BIG.

Real BHAGs. Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goals.

What good is it to have a goal if it isn’t big, hairy and audacious?

One of my goals for the past four years has been to work on this blog… and if you follow it, you know all-too-well that I’ve had mixed luck with sticking to that goal.

It shouldn’t be so hard… In fact, I write SOMETHING almost every day. But it doesn’t make it to the blog.

Until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a challenge from Jeff Goins… #intentionalblogging.

Starting tomorrow, I plan to post something every day for the month of October.

My daily posts may be silly. They may be serious. They may be personal. They may be about my fitness — or lack thereof.

They may be about what I’m thinking about when I wake up in the morning… but somehow, some way — I intend to blog daily.

So get ready.


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  1. stevie

    hehe…I’m ready! I need to read about someone else not reaching their goals so I will feel better! What’s that sayin? misery loves company?? LOL!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence!! The writing goal is mostly just for me… (and, of course, for you to feel better about yourself, my dear friend!!) I need to detach myself from some other commitments that are keeping me from my goals.

      As for you, you just need some rest and restoration and recovery… and you will knock out those goals just fine! 🙂

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