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Losing My Peace of Mind

A few days ago, I posted the following status update on my Facebook page: “That moment when your son, who lives 1300 miles away, calls to tell you he was carjacked at gunpoint…. Yes, I had that moment yesterday.”

Although several days have passed since then, I still haven’t found my peace of mind.

And the police haven’t found my son’s car, either.

Broad daylight. A gated, semi-upscale apartment complex parking lot. A nondescript, white ten-year-old car.

It makes no sense.

The couple who stole my son’s car must have been desperate.

I wish I had something eloquent to write about the incident. Perhaps someday I will.

For now, I’m simply thankful that he is mostly okay. At least physically.

As for the emotional scars, only time will tell how long he will struggle with the aftermath. I wish I knew how to make the anxiety go away…

Life was so much easier when a kiss would make everything better… and when I only had to walk a few steps to give my little boy a hug.

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