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Why Weight?

What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and think themselves so clever. ~ Isaiah 5:21

a 3-pint container of ice cream

My downfall. Without a doubt.

So… I missed a day of blogging yesterday. Last week was wild and crazy and busy. So much so, that when a friend asked me if I needed a medical poster featuring a human brain (she’s a neurologist), I told her I’d take it.

It can help me know what to look for when I can no longer find mine. My brain, I mean.

It’s been THAT kind of week.

I spent most of today trying to get a few things back to normal.

FYI — I have a long way to go…

This morning, while walking, I listened to a podcast about menopausal weight loss. I realized — like the scripture says — I think I’m so clever.

Even though I read a lot on the topic of nutrition after menopause, I apparently think the information doesn’t apply to me.

After all… I hit menopause three years ago, and I never had a problem until recently. With weight gain, I mean.

I didn’t think about it until today, but —  I’ve been resistant to changing the way I eat.

Resistant to trying a “menopausal” way of eating…

My exercise and movement (except for last week when I had a deadline that caused me to sit on my fanny most of the week) have been fairly steady. I’ve been lifting weights once a week. Walking at least 30 minutes most days. Trying to get plenty of sleep. Doing 30 minutes of run/walking three times a week. Finding time for at least two metabolic resistance workouts each week.

And, of course, I eat “healthy”.

But… quite honestly… lately I’ve been loving me some carbohydrates.

Like cereal. Even sugary stuff. Like ice cream.

I like ice cream. A lot.

And I’ve been indulging in a bit more fatty food than I should… Like creamy ranch dressing on my Big A$$ Salad i eat for lunch nearly every day.

Gee… Is my body REALLY resistant to losing weight or am I fooling myself that the “fewer carbs after menopause” doesn’t apply to me?

I read many blogs and books and articles about diet and nutrition. Much of the material, I realized today, is written by men… OR women who are under 50. Or even younger.

And the stuff for “older women” assumes those women (and anyone else who is struggling with weight gain) are drinking sugary soft drinks, eating donuts, and not exercising.

It’s probably a safe bet that someone like I just described could make a few changes in their nutrition, add some movement, do a little strength training and see positive changes.

That doesn’t apply to me.

My diet has been reasonably balanced and nutritious for most of my life. I’ve exercised regularly for almost 35 years. I have maintained a healthy weight… Until a year ago, when the pounds began piling on.

And even though I’ve given lip service to “I’m gonna make some changes” and “Today is Day One“, I haven’t believed I needed to follow a menopausal protocol…

Cuz I love my precious carbs. And my weighty ego. And I still carry around a good dose of perfectionism about my nutrition.

All or nothing.

I can safely say THAT isn’t working…

So… cutting myself some slack, today I started my millionth Day One. I lifted weights. I did fifteen minutes of high intensity bodyweight training. I walked for 45 minutes. I had a protein shake after my walk and a BAS (“Big A$$ Salad”) for lunch.

As I’m writing this, it’s almost dinner time. Dinner this evening will be rotisserie chicken, a green steamed vegetable (probably broccoli), and a baked potato. My cheat for the day (so far) was the serving of prunes I had for an afternoon snack. Prunes are wonderful, in so many ways, but they’re also high in sugar! The potato is my only starchy carbohydrate for the day…

I’m committing to this plan for the rest of the month. Then I’ll reevaluate. And adjust, if necessary.

Obviously, a plan that doesn’t get results isn’t working…

And maybe, just maybe, I’m not as smart as I think I am. 😉

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  1. I can identify with all of this! I’m not an ice cream addict; I am a recovering candy addict. I fall for crackers, if I start craving carbs, because even when I don’t buy candy, my husband wants crackers in the house. He, of course, weighs and looks pretty much the same as when we were married 30 years ago.

    You wrote: “And even though I’ve given lip service to “I’m gonna make some changes” and “Today is Day One“, I haven’t believed I needed to follow a menopausal protocol…

    Cuz I love my precious carbs. And my weighty ego. And I still carry around a good dose of perfectionism about my nutrition.” I can be very arrogant about my diet and exercise, until I realize that my gym bag is covered with a film of dust and I am letting bags of expensive lettuce get slimy in the refrigerator while I snack on fruit.

    I’m not running today (although I did think of it at 6am), but otherwise I’d better start my millionth day one. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Cathe. It’s good to know I’m not alone with my midlife crisis. Ha! Even after I posted this last night, my husband offered me ice cream. Twice. He is very thin and eats whatever he wants. Fairly healthy eating, but he likes his chips… and sweets… and crackers…. and ice cream. (The ice cream is in our house because I asked him to stop at the dairy store and buy MILK!) I successfully resisted the ice cream. I’ll eat a little this weekend, for a treat. And I ran this morning… so I’ve stayed on track for 24 hours so far. I’m on a roll… 😉

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