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Early to Rise: Day 4 (You are in control!)

“Lord, every morning you hear my voice. Every morning, I tell you what I need, and I wait for your answer.” ~ Psalm 5:3

early-to-rise Yesterday I wrote about a struggle I’ve gone through for a while, so I didn’t blog about the Early to Rise Challenge I’m doing. As it turns out, many of the others are excluding weekends from the challenge. They didn’t blog, either.

Now I don’t feel so bad. 😀

My husband works every other weekend. He will be home next weekend, so perhaps I will take a couple of days off myself… depending on how my grant proposal is going, that is.

Today’s reading in the Early to Rise book discussed being in control. I think that’s one of the things I enjoy most about waking up early. I feel much more settled, and it definitely sets the mood for the rest of my day. I no longer have children at home, but even when I did, I made it a point to wake up early. I have rarely slept past 6 o’clock… However, that also means I often go to bed with the chickens!

I’m looking forward to warmer weather soon. I love to run. It’s my 33-year habit — since 1980. I enjoy early morning runs, before there is much traffic, watching the sun come up. I have seen more than my share of beautiful sunrises throughout the years while on a run. At the beach. In the mountains. Near my home here in the Ozarks. In West Texas.

Morning runs will be here soon, and this challenge is helping me get ready!

P.S. — In case you’re wondering, my Sleep Cycle alarm went off at 4:02 yesterday morning (Sunday) because I was already awake. This morning, I crawled out of bed at 4:27.

If you are doing the Early to Rise Challenge, how is it going? What are you doing with the extra time?

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