My Midlife Project

Remodeling a Middle-Aged Mom


View of sunrise from sideview mirror

Recently I’ve felt some desperation about my destination.
“Are we there yet?”
“He pinched me.”
“How many more miles before we get there?”
“I’m hungry.”

Mother, May I Skip the Month of May?

Me and Gram

Today is my grandma’s birthday. It’s too bad she isn’t here to celebrate. She always loved cake and ice cream…

Maybe that’s why I do, too.

Stepping Out and Moving Forward

Running Shoes

Sometimes I feel as if I’m a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

Make that “much of the time”.

Then throw in a few personal stumbles, and I can’t even find the round hole.

Or perhaps, I’m already in the hole and just can’t find my way out of it.

It’s All About Me

The Husband and I... circa 2005

I’m doing a 21-Day Intentional Blogging Challenge with Jeff Goins this month. Today was the first day… and the assignment was hard.

I had to rewrite my About page. The original was from two years ago… when I thought I knew it all.

Why Weight?

a 3-pint container of ice cream

Quite honestly… lately I’ve been loving me some carbohydrates. Like cereal. Even sugary stuff.

I can safely say THAT isn’t working…