My Midlife Project

Remodeling a Middle-Aged Mom

A Friend by Any Other Name

Old water well in Nicaragua

Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other. ~ Proverbs 27:17
Today I am struggling.
Yesterday I had plenty of ideas for blog posts and stories to tell.
Today my word well is dry.

In a Pig’s Eye… or Perhaps at Hogeye

During the past 24 hours, I’ve added a new twist to my training plan… Another goal to my list.

It looks like I’ll be running a half marathon in March. The Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, Arkansas. March 29, 2015.

Say WHAT???

It isn’t as radical of a goal as it might sound.

On second thought…

Clearing Out the Fluff

Fluffy Brenda Flexes

Today was Day One of a new workout program… but before I could begin my workout, I spent 15 minutes clearing a space in what is supposedly a dedicated “workout room”.

Next on my agenda was to do a little writing…. but my laptop battery was dead. I pulled out an extra laptop that belongs to an organization I work for, and… I couldn’t find my mouse.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

One Next Step

Nicaraguan women carry water up this path to their village several times each day

“Sometimes God doesn’t flash your future in front of your eyes in grand schemes. Sometimes He shows you one next step.” ~ Mary DeMuth

The most important thing is to take that next step — even if I’m unsure of where it leads. Even if it seems weird.

Even if I end up traipsing behind the rest of the herd…

Who is My Tribe?

The Serenity Prayer Coffee Mug

Perhaps my tribe is made up of people who need a friend. A friend who understands their struggles with health and life and staying the course… and is willing to listen to them and share her heart and pray for them.

“Come in. Sit down. I’ll pour you a cup of coffee, and we’ll chat.”